This is my game maker particles section. It has some particle examples i've made with a program called Game Maker. All credit for Game Maker goes to it's creator.

If there is someone who needs to be given credit, or if there is anything that would be cause for concern, tell me and I will adjust or remove it.

Looking to put me in your credits because you used some of my code or I helped you? Look no further than this link: Credits

And here's my list of particle examples.
Unless otherwise stated, all examples are in GML code, and require a registered version of GM5.3(a).

Name Description Fname and size
Rain Basic Rain, well documented. Enter key to adjust amount of rain rain.gmd 5,391 b
Electric Fire Sparks fly and flames roar. Multiple particle types, and 2 systems. electric_fire.gmd 6,800 b
Water Spout Quite basic. Spout water out of a pipe. water_spout.gmd 5,670 b
Flies Have flies buzz around something particle_flies.gmd 6,400 b
Smoking Plane Make your plane start to smoke when it gets damaged mayday.gmd 9,450 b
Blood splatter Splatter blood when you get shot. Not appropriate for youngsters.
First one is all code. Code offers more capabilities.
Second one is D&D with the particles coded. The enemy moves.
Third (bottommost) one is all D&D.
gml_part_blood.gmd 7,500 b
mix_part_blood.gmd 8,050 b
dd_part_blood.gmd 14,120 b
Eruptive Balls Get an explosion when the ball hits the other balls. eruptive_pool.gmd 6,350 b
Particle Golf (D&D) Get an explosion when the ball lands in the hole. particle_golf.gmd 13,300 b

If you would like for me to make you a particle example (which would be uploaded here), please contact me at with the specifics. Please also specify D&D or code.