This is my game maker DLLs section. It has some DLLs I've made for a program called Game Maker. All credit for Game Maker goes to it's creator.

If Pascal source is included, it will be "<Name>.pas". If C source is included, it will be "<Name>.c"
If there is someone who needs to be given credit, or if there is anything that would be cause for concern, tell me and I will adjust or remove it.

Looking to put me in your credits because you used one of my DLLs or I helped you? Look no further than this link: Credits

You are welcome to use, modify, decompile, or otherwise mutilate any of my dll's with or without my consent provided that I am given credit for the original version (why decompile? The source code is provided for most of them, and you can ask me and I'll give you the source for any others) and am not held responsible for any damages resulting in their use be they in original or modified form. They are free for all purposes, heck you could even try selling them, but why would you do that when people can easily get them for free off of my website.

Name Description Source Fname Size
Reger Delete registry keys/values, and Get/Set the Last Modified Date and Time of Files and Directories. Yes, C 7.05kb
Threaded Copy File 2.2 Need to copy large files without freezing the game? The solution is threading, and here's the dll to do it. Also Get/Set File Last Modified Date and Time. Yes, C 12.1kb
Crypt Lightning Fast Xor Encryption/Decryption of files using either seed string or seed file. Yes, C 10kb
File Binary Reading/Writing File Binary Reading/Writing - Supports up to 4 files, Endianness, Doubles, 1- to 4-byte integers, fast Transfer from 1 file to another, Null-Terminated Strings, and UTF-8 similar string format. This is more functional than GM's binary read/write, although may be slightly slower. Yes, Pascal 29.1kb
File Modified Get and Set the "File Last Modified" date and time of files. Yes, Pascal 25kb
Get File Match Tell if 2 files match exactly. 0 is Yes, anything else is No. Yes, Pascal 7.9kb
Compact Files Compact a folder of files into a single file, and extract such a file to a folder, similar to XRP, but only the compact and extract functions are available. The compacted files are NOT zipped, nor can they be extracted as a ZIP. Yes, Pascal 23.4kb
Volume Set/Get the midi, wave, and aux volume and balance. Don't forget to set volumes back to 65535 (max) when done. Yes, Pascal 16.2kb
File Attributes Get or Set the Attributes of a file (eg Read-Only, System, etc)
via string ("rs" = read-only & system) or integer (1 + 4 = 5 = read-only & system).
Yes, Pascal 21.7kb
Get Drives Get all the drive letters on this computer in a single string (EG: "ACDE"). Yes, C 20.4kb
ZLib Uncompression Fairly self-explanatory. Uncompresses zlibs. More information about zlibs can be found at No, Pascal 17.7kb
Minimize Minimizes the GM window. Useful for a custom minimize button / keyboard key and/or when the border isn't shown. This doesn't function quite properly for Vista. No, C 35.5kb