This is my game maker scripts section. It has some scripts I've made with a program called Game Maker. All credit for Game Maker goes to it's creator.

If there is someone who needs to be given credit, or if there is anything that would be cause for concern, tell me and I will adjust or remove it.

Looking to put me in your credits because you used some of my code or I helped you? Look no further than this link: Credits

What kind of extension is .gml? How do I open this with gamemaker? While in GM, click on the {SCRIPTS} tab, and then click {IMPORT} from the dropdown list. Locate the .gml file saved on your hard drive, and load it in. A folder will be created under your SCRIPTS resource tree containing the newly imported scripts. It may be a good idea to open each of the scripts and read each of the comments (green text after // or between /* and */ ), if any.

And here's my list of scripts.

Name Description Fname and size Rate | Scripts
NPC Random Grid Movement Need your NPC to move? Need it to be easy? This set of scripts makes NPC random grid movement as easy as 1, 2, and 3. npg.gml 2,308b *** | 2
Freeze & Draw Using the gamemaker built in freeze function, freeze objects, but now they can remain visible! Great for in-game menus! pause.gml 1,680b ***** | 2
New Priorities Movement
Prioritizes new keys, queues old keys until new key is released.
movement2.gml 1,856b
grid_movement2.gml 1,800b
***** | 2
**** | 3
Old Priorities Movement
Prioritizes first key, any key thereafter is then queued until priority is released.
movement.gml 2,104b
grid_movement.gml 1,209b
**** | 2
***** | 3
Dialogue Now making dialogue boxes that much easier. dialogue.gml 754b ***** | 3
Mouse press & release Checks when the mouse button is pressed over an object, and later released over it. Check out the code, some variables may be otherwise useful. mb_release.gml 975b *** | 1
Convert Comma to Enter Some languages write text files using commas to separate the data. This script converts those commas to enter key strokes. convert_comma_to_enter.gml 833b ** | 1
Convert Measurement A little help with converting your scientific measurements convert_measure.gml 327b * | 1