This is my game maker examples section. It has some things I've made with a program called Game Maker. All credit for Game Maker goes to it's creator.

If there is someone who needs to be given credit, or if there is anything that would be cause for concern, tell me and I will adjust or remove it.

Please note, file sizes are approximated and are not presice, but are within 5%. Some files are zipped, and require some sort of program to unzip them.

Looking to put me in your credits because you used some of my code or I helped you? Look no further than this link: Credits

And here's my list of creations.

Name Description Requirements Fname and size Notes
Textfield This is a drop-in low-maintenance textfield/password box. Read the comments in the create event. GM 6 / 7 textfield.gm6 13.5kb .gm6
GamePad Game Maker + Notepad = GamePad! Now you can edit your notepad files with GM, much like Notepad. GM 6
GM 5.0
textbox.gm6 25kb
textbox.gmd 22kb
Marquee A simple scrolling marquee example with great documentation. GM 5.3 / 6 marquee.gmd/.gm6 5kb .gmd / .gm6
Dir Sprite 8 directions, 2 subimage animation - all in 1 sprite. Here's how. GM 5.3 / 6 dirsprite.gmd/.gm6 6.3kb .gmd / .gm6
Keymapping 2 You don't need those fancy remapping functions to remap keys. Use variables, here's how. GM 6
GM 5.3
KeyMap2.gm6 21kb
KeyMap2.gmd 18kb
Day/Night Demonstrates how to use [a rectangle (as of GM6) and] a foreground with alpha to darken the screen for hours of the day (with the game, hours increase every 2 seconds). Well documented GM 6
GM 5.3
darkness.gm6 12.8kb
darkness.gmd 8.7kb
Snake Fluid Movement Using datastructures, I have achieved a snake fluid movement, where the body follows the snake. snakeg incorporates grid movement and walls, 2+ food item, and edible tail GM 5.3 snake.gmd 8.5kb
snakeg.gmd 14.1kb
Dialogue An example of a chatbox (no mplay) with a scrollbar (history) GM 5.0+ / 6 dialogue.gmd/.gm6 11kb .gmd / .gm6
Typewriter Draw text 1 letter at a time like a typewriter. GM 5.0+ / 6 typewriter.gmd/.gm6 2.2kb .gmd / .gm6
Remap key Shows you different methods to remapping keys. GM 5.0+ change_key.gmd 3.8kb .gmd
Character Selection Character Selection screen in D&D or GML. Not recommended for newb's GM 5.0+ 5.15kb 5.42kb
.gmd |
2 files ea.
Platform AI This platform AI was made in about 5 minutes, has many bugs, but is the coolest thing ever. It's here for your tweaking, fix it up to however you like. Credit is necessary GM 5.2+ platform_nme.gmd 13kb .gmd
Inventory (arrays) An inventory that uses arrays. Auto sort and no limits, or Collect sort and limit 24. GM 5.0+ inventory_autosort.gmd 13.4kb inventory_throwin.gmd 13.9kb .gmd
Arrays Tutorial Walks you through how to use arrays and loops for advanced achievements. GM 5.1+ array_tut.gmd 10.4kb .gmd
Conversation Box and Scripts
Shows how to make a prepared conversation inside a box.
My dialogue script is included, but may be downloaded from the scripts page
GM 5.0+
GM 6
convo_dnd.gmd/.gm6 13kb
convo_gml.gmd/.gm6 17kb