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2008-08-13 23:41:26cheeseboy
I have done some invesigating into this bug. Here are my results:
1. It occurs in versions of xorg !=1.4.2 (also still effects version 1.6)
2. It only freezes computers using intel video drivers
3. On non intel drivers it can slow down X or always show can't drag icon
I have filed a bug at xorgs bugzilla and uploaded ismavatar's "Crash.jar" http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17126
2008-08-14 22:27:17IsmAvatar
For users experiencing this problem, either disable the LGM splash screen by removing the relevant line from inside the jar (treated like a zip), in file META-INF/Manifest.mf
or downgrade xorg to 1.4.2
2008-08-15 15:39:12cheeseboy
Also using icedtea6 instead of sun's java fixes it too
2008-12-16 07:30:23IsmAvatar
Related topics, bug reports, etc.
This confirms that it is not an LGM bug but either a X or Java bug. Most likely X.

We're looking into other workarounds, although it doesn't look promising. The best solutions found so far are the 3 we've mentioned above, with the easiest being to disable the splash screen, although none of these solutions can be programming in as a workaround.
2009-03-06 22:14:09IsmAvatar
Since this is not a bug with LGM and the most we can offer is workarounds, I've moved this topic from the Bugs forum to the Help forum.